who is Jordan Griffin?

I am a Native American, Mexican, and Black mixed martial artist training and fighting out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Growing up my grandmother would tell me “Wherever you go let people know you’re Native American.” So that’s what I do through fighting. I try to instill that same Native pride in my son, Carter. He is my inspiration and the driving force behind everything that I do. For him and because of him, I will not fail.

My nickname is “The Native Psycho” & I like to fight people for money.

I have been training mixed martial arts since 2009, fighting professionally since 2011 and loving every second of it. MMA has taught me a lot in and outside of the cage. It has taught me determination, resilience, and problem solving.

I am going to make it to the UFC.

I am going get my black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

My long term goals are to have my fighting career allow me to teach mixed martial arts and share the passion I have for BJJ and MMA. Right now I want to train, spend as much time with Carter as I can, and have fun at the gym. I have been working extremely hard and I know it’s going to pay off!