Jordan Griffin
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to win like a champion first you must

train like a champion.



“Failure is necessary for growth. Accept failure so you can learn, learn so you can grow, and remember you can succeed at anything in life as long as your hearts guiding you.” -Jordan Griffin

I am a Native American, Mexican, and African American fighter from Milwaukee, WI. Some call me The Native Psycho and I have quite a story to tell but I’d rather show you what he’s made of in the cage.

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Roufusport academy

I train at the world class Roufusport Academy.

We have top notch coaches, equipment and training partners. If you've ever thought about starting or continuing your martial arts journey, come train alongside some of the best in the world.


racestart training

No matter ones specific goal or sport, it is my mission to help others achieve their highest level of performance.

Come visit me at RaceStart Training



Take your training to the next level.

An experience like nothing else
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